Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Visit to the Manor House~Hughenden

Though we spent all our London days at the National Gallery, we took Sunday off, staying in High Wycombe with our friends. We enjoyed worshiping with their church in the morning, and in the afternoon we hiked through a couple meadows and a park to visit the local manor house, Hughenden. Hughenden was the residence of Queen Victoria's favorite prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli, from 1848-1881. During World War II, a secret wartime headquarters, purported to be on the top of Hitler's hit list, was ensconced in the Hughenden cellar.

The interior of the manor was simply yet elegantly decorated for Christmas. I took lots of pictures as I wanted to share the English beauty and style with Tayta.

The Dining Room~ I loved the simplicity of the ivy and red ribbon garlands.

In the dining room with my dear friend, Monica

The Study~ the books were protected by wire screening so no pulling those lovely leather-bound volumes off the shelf for a look.

The Drawing Room
...and a few close ups of elegance...

the tea table

The mantle was trimmed with greens and red carnations, the perfect accent to the beautiful portrait of Disraeli's beloved wife, Mary Anne.

Here's the other side of the drawing room, with lovely views into the garden.

In the hallway we viewed a sample holiday gift basket which would be given to a servant of the manor.

Down into the cellar we went, to see the World War II intelligence headquarters:

The Communications Room
Here is where I admit that while I had seen this poster all over the internet, I hadn't realized until I saw it in the manor house that it originated in wartime England.

I took this one for Dear Husband. He smiled. Sort of.

We took a turn in the garden and then it was time to head back, making a brief stop at the church on the manor grounds. The church still has an active congregation and is also the location of Disraeli's burial vault.

Leaving the church, we set out across the park, headed for home.

One last picture of us, surrounded by English beauty. Yes, the grass was really this green. Such a lovely day.


jlt said...

What a wonderful place! I need to put that on my "the next time I'm in England" list. Thank you for sharing.

Woman of the House said...

It looks so wonderful! I don't know which picture I like best. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!