Monday, February 06, 2012

Devoted to the Word

If I had to pick the one thing about my Husband that I most appreciate and that has been the most important in our marriage and life of our family, it would be, without hesitation, his diligence in intentionally and regularly bringing our family together around God's Word, and by it, faithfully shepherding us and guiding us.

I know that it is this is not an easy role to fulfill for many parents, and indeed, we have not always made Dear Husband's job a joy and delight. I've spoken to a number of parents that have a desire to lead their children in regular times in God's Word, but they don't know quite where to begin or how to do it, so whenever I find a worthy devotional guide I am glad to recommend it.

Lord, Have Mercy: Discovering Jesus in the Days Before Easter, a Family Devotional Guide for Lent, by Amy Edwards

I recently downloaded this Lenten season/Easter devotional guide, now available as an e-book for only $2.99. Written by cyber-friend and fellow homeschooling mother, Amy Edwards, this book looks to be a wonderful resource for families with younger through middle-school aged children. Features that makes this devotional guide especially accessible for parents are numerous questions provided, some simpler comprehension questions, and some broader discussion questions AND thoughtfully written answers.

From the introduction:

My prayer is that this book of family devotions will help your family prepare for a glorious Easter and help you succeed in bringing your family together in the Word. Rather than observing Lent as a set of rules and regulations, let’s make it a time to fix our eyes on Jesus. Lent should be Christ-centered, not me-centered. What a wonderful opportunity Lent gives us to focus on Jesus and His earthly ministry and the meaning of the Gospel.

It isn’t easy to maintain a family devotional habit. Evening activities rush us, leaving little time to gather. Differences in the ages of our children make it difficult to keep everyone engaged in what we are reading. Inevitably, at least one of the kids tunes out. Worst of all, sometimes our kids complain about our attempts to have devotions. Devotions are a time devoted to worship, Scripture, and prayer. These things are not always entertaining, and some kids lose patience and complain of boredom. For parents who yearn for their kids to know and love God, this is crushing. May this devotional help you overcome these challenges.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

Thank you for these kind words! I'm honored, to be sure.