Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flowering Jordan Calendar~March 2013

Yep, more flowers. It's March, after all.



Carolyn said...

Some of us may fail to see what connection March has to flowers. (grin) We saw a bit of brown grass under the snow for a few days last week, though!

Last year, the plums were just about ready to flower at this time. This year, they haven't bothered to wake up yet.

It's amazing to contemplate the different climates in different places.

Quotidian Life said...

Yes, I should have put "March in Jordan". Last year we had a dusting of snow in March. Today the temps are around 85 F and rising to 90 by Friday. Both are extreme.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
I was wondering if you would have time to check out my latest post on my blog and be able to identify any of the flowers for me. They are all from near Petra and I have no idea what they are and came up empty handed when doing a search of the internet.