Friday, April 05, 2013

Weeds, I Mean Wildflowers, In My Garden

Any spare time I've had the past few weeks has been spent out in the countryside enjoying the beauty of Creation that is spring in Jordan, or weeding my garden; both activities include wildflower spotting. This morning while weeding my garden, I spotted three wildflowers I'd not yet observed :

The first one is definitely in the Lamiaceae, or mint family, and could very well be some sort of Salvia. I couldn't find it in my field guide, but maybe I'll find time to search for it online sometime...

I'm pretty sure the next one is Geropogon hybridus, from the Asteraceae, or daisy family:

Geropogon hybridis

I think the last one is a Silene (pronounced sii-leen'-e) from the Caryophyllaceae , or carnation family.

so beautifully delicate!

I'm letting a lone poppy plant go to seed, too, before pulling it up as I haven't yet been able to identify it. I have a hunch some of the wildflowers blooming in my yard are not indigenous to the Mafraq area. When we moved into this house and yard a year and a half ago, Dear Husband had dirt brought into to fill the empty places and he said the the dirt came from the countryside of Irbid.

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