Saturday, April 06, 2013

Wadi Dana~So Much Beauty

Our annual spring camping trip to Wadi Dana Nature Reserve took place two weeks ago, and though we've been camping there for years, I never tire or become accustomed to the beauty of Creation in this place. It is always fresh, the landscapes always slightly different from the year before, depending on the weather of the previous winter. Jordan received a lot of rain this winter (that is a very relative "a lot") and so we were treated to green and yellow versions of familiar fields and rocky crevices.

Finding beauty around every rock and bend in the path, I took many pictures this year. Thus, I'll write a few posts to cover our camping weekend so that I can savor its loveliness all over again.

Upon arriving at the Rumman campground, I took my belongings to our assigned tent, where I found this little bit of wildlife waiting to greet me. Likely, that's not really what he was waiting for, but this lizard did not budge, even when I pointed my camera at him and clicked away. I wished I could call for Artist Son, the Lizard Whisperer of our family, but he was thousands of miles away. Another young man tried to catch him, but in the end, we "guided" him out the tent flap. I'd much rather have a lizard in my tent than any bug.

As soon as we unpacked and ate some lunch, it was time for our first hike. I love this group of woman, many of whom I've camped with for years. And a shout out to Anneloes, my Dutch friend visiting from Cairo. She has seen pictures of Dana which I've posted in past years, and this year she is in one! We were delighted to have her and her family join us in Dana this year.



The Leopoldia, or Tassel Hyacinth, were popping up everywhere. This one was smack in the middle of the path, but it had such a presence that everyone was careful to hike around it.

We made it back to camp just in time to eat our chili dinner before dark, and to begin adding the layers as the cold set in. I was very thankful for my second-thought, last-minute packing additions of my wool long underwear and my down jacket.

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Anneloes said...

Thanks for posting all these! I was just going through our pictures today as well. What a privilege and blessing to join you all on this Dana camping trip. Fun to be part of it after having indeed read some posts about it through the years:-)
Now on to find beauty in the deserts of Egypt as well...