Monday, February 23, 2015

Artist in Residence

Life slows down in the cold month of January, like molasses, making it the perfect time to welcome Artist Son home for a visit. Fresh from a two-and-a-half week European art gallery tour, and with six weeks before his semester abroad in Italy, Artist Son settled in to read, write, and create.

Our concrete and stone home is "cool" in the winter, and during the coldest days we do most of our living in the family room. Below is Artist Son's first improvised studio space. He later expanded to my larger sewing table, which we brought in and set up next to my computer.

Artist Son spent much of his artful time exploring the process of illustration by taking story boards to sketches to finals.

(photo credit, Tayta)

Dear Husband has long wanted to improve the appearance of the grafitted school wall just opposite our home, and so Artist's Son's visit was the perfect time for him to commission a mural project.  He and Artist Son discussed possible designs, Artist Son sketched it out, and Dear Husband purchased the paint.

The before picture, taken from our drive-way: Artist Son is prepping the walls with some sanding and sweeping.

Dear Husband helped apply the base coat and paint some of the broad strokes of the design. School children stopped by regularly to watch and ask questions--and make comments, suggestions and critiques!

This was Artist Son's first mural project and he enjoyed the large scale painting, a whole body experience as he described it, and interacting with the passers-by.

We now  have a much nicer view in front of our house, and Dear Husband and Artist Son both received comments of appreciation from neighbors. Hundreds of people pass by this mural every day, and so far it has only received a few minor marks and scratches. One friend said that was a sign of respect and appreciation for Artist Son's work. We have no illusions that it will last forever but for now we are enjoying the view.


Holly Newman said...

Wow, what an improvement. Must be so nice to have him around for a little while!

Reem Abu Rahmeh said...

Beautiful work! I love it - and I am sure it fills so many eyes with joy! :)

Leane Chaffee said...

Love the idea, the coordination & the finished project. Great work to all. Leane Chaffee