Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Pleasure Full Grown II~ #amafraqychristmas

The college students arrived first, about a week before Active Son and his Bride-To-Be--just enough time for the students to kick-back and debrief after their full semesters at school. Tayta began hash-tagging  all her photos #amafraqychristmas, and so we had our theme.

Our Mafraqy Christmas included temperate, sunny weather this year which allowed us to enjoy lots of outdoor activity, some in Mafraq and some touring around our beloved Jordan.  This is a familiar scene to us: the view of edge of town, seen as we leave the hospital compound.

Happy Birthday, Tayta!

The day after Active Son and Bride-To-Be arrived, we celebrated Tayta's 19th birthday with our traditional birthday brunch. The fare was altered to accommodate Tayta and my sugar and gluten-free diet. Good bye cinnamon rolls, hello pumpkin coffee cake with crumb topping and crustless quiche. And lots of coffee.

 Tatya invited some favorite little people to join us for brunch--and their dear mother, who was taking the picture.

Our new artificial tree (finally threw out the tree that was 23 years old!) needed a tree-topper, so I improvised this star.

Christmas break is a good time to rest...under the Christmas tree...under Mom's cashmere blanket.

It's also a good time get started on The Complete Works of C.S. Lewis

Reading aloud Mere Christianity

Our traditional Christmas Eve snacky-supper: Turkey Soup with rice, made from the carcass of our Thanksgiving turkey and frozen ahead, special cheeses, homemade crackers, Dear Husband's awesome olives, stuffed pickled eggplants, artisan bread, and vegetables and feta garlic dip--sprinkled with pomegranates.

On Christmas morning we all participated in the Christmas Day program and reception at the hospital. Stockings wouldn't be filled for another five days or so as we waited that long for Active Son and Bride-To-Be's luggage to arrive!

The celebrations continued. After church on Sunday, Dear Husband bought two large trays of the the celebratory sweet, kanafeh, to serve to our community in honor of Active Son and Bride-To-Be's engagement.

A dessert specialty of the Levant, including Jordan, kanafeh is a cheese pastry soaked in a sugary syrup, topped with nuts. And, it's Active Son's favorite.

 A Mafraq view from the second floor of out church

A Very Merry Mafraqy Christmas
(taken in early January when Oldest Daughter arrived and before others departed)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful for you and your husband to have all your children with you! Mabrouk to the engagement!/ S Susan