Friday, January 22, 2016

A Pleasure Full Grown III~Amman

A few days after Christmas we headed to Amman to visit a few favorite  places and so that Active Son could introduce Bride-To-Be to his hometown, the city in which he was born and raised. It was a beautifully clear afternoon and we enjoyed great views of the city from atop the ancient citadel.

We all enjoyed exploring and re-exploring the ruins. Some went this way and some went that. 

Active Son with the hand of Hercules

Meanwhile, I was enjoying some Jordan flora in its winter glory

We made a stop at our beloved Amman museum; there are always new things to discover and familiar artifacts to revisit.


Tayta posing with  an ancient Roman

Statues of Ain Ghazal
Discovered in 1985 at Ain Ghazal in Amman, made from plaster and dated from the Early Neolithic period, 8000-6000 B.C., is the earliest known statue. You may have seen it featured in a history book--it was in our high school Western Civilization text.

A few more poses before leaving the citadel

Photo credits to Tayta for this iconic engagement shot

Heading down into the heart of the city for some food, we stopped to do a little shopping. It was fun to watch Active Son enjoy the friendly repartee of bargaining as he showed off his skills to Bride-To-Be.

We stopped in at the Duke's Diwan, the oldest apartment in Amman, now turned into a little museum of sorts. Very old, vintagy, and artsy.

We ended our brief Amman tour at the famous Hashem Restaurant where we shared some hummus, fatah, falafel, mutabbel and of course, tea with fresh mint. Cheers from the beautiful city of Amman!


Ruth Pappas said...

Have they updated hashem? I love seeing pictures of you all! It's so fun to introduce new family members to favorite places :)

Quotidian Life said...

I don't think so, Ruth. Maybe just some new plastic chairs and tables?

Ruth Pappas said...

It's been a long time since I've been there so my memory of it is probably not accurate anymore :)